Research groups and areas

The Faculty is the largest in Norway in the classical fields of Law research. Other well established areas of research at the Faculty are Criminology, Sociology of Law, and Human Rights and Development.

The research is organised in permanent research fields at the various Departments. In addition to this, the Faculty has identified several multidisciplinary research areas which are given top priority. Within each of these areas, Research Groups consisting of scholars from several of the Faculty's Departments have been established.

Research groups established or continued in 2022

Managed by Department of Private Law:
Labour Law Research Group 
Law and Technology 
Market, innovation, competition 
Sustainability Law 

Managed by Department of Public and International Law:
Law, Society and Historical Change
Welfare, rights and discrimination
Life Science 
International Law 

Managed by Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law: 
Natural Resources Law 

Managed by Norwegian Centre for Human Rights:
Global Challenges to Human Rights Law, Policy and Practice

Managed by Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law:
Sociology of law 

Previous research groups

To see a list of the permanent research areas in the various Departments, click here (Norwegian only).

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