Seminar marking the centenary of the end of World War I

This seminar will mark the centenary and promote reflection on the impact of the First World War on the structure, content and character of international law. Speakers include Doctoral Research Fellow Jørgen Sørgard Skjold, Associate Professor Astrid Kjeldgaard-Pedersen, Professor Gentian Zyberi, Professor Geir Ulfstein and Researcher Halvard Leira, NUPI

Photo: Stijn Swinnen (Unsplash)

11 November 2018 marks the centenary for the signing of an armistice between Germany and the Allied states, in a railroad carriage at Compiègne. This event was the de facto end of the First World War, one of the most destructive conflicts in human history. The end of the war brought with it significant developments to international relations and international law. New institutions of international governance was developed, efforts to codify norms protecting victims and participants in war was strengthened while general international law saw the start of a massive codification effort.

This seminar is organized by the research group International Law and Governance (Law Faculty, University of Oslo) in cooperation with the research group Law, Society and Historical Change and the research group Human Rights, Armed Conflicts, and the Law of Peace and Security.


14.00: Welcome and Introduction

Alla Pozdnakova
Professor, Faculty of Law, UiO
Chair of the Research Group on International Law and Governance

14.05: Remaking international governance: The League of Nations and beyond

Jørgen S. Skjold
Doctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Law/IOR, UiO
Deputy Chair of the Research Group on International Law and Governance

14.25: The heroic myth of origin – 1919 and the non-birth of the quasi-discipline of International Relations

Halvard Leira
Senior Research Fellow, NUPI – Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

14.45 – 15.15: Discussion

15.15 – 15.35: Food and Coffee

15.35: WWI and Its Impact on International Humanitarian Law

Gentian Zyberi
Professor, Director, Norwegian Center for Human Rights, UiO
Deputy-Chair of the Research Group on Human Rights, Armed Conflicts and the Law of Peace and Security

15.55 – 16.20: Discussion

16.20 – 16.40: The Svalbard Treaty - Creation, Interpretation and Contemporary Status

Geir Ulfstein

Professor, Faculty of Law, UiO

Co-Director, PluriCourts

16.40 – 17.00: Discussion

17.00: Closing remarks


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