After lunch webinar: Security and the Global Commons at Sea and in Space

This webinar will address international law and governance challenges related to the security of global common spaces.

The focus will be on militarization of outer space and cooperation and rivalry in the Arctic. 

There will be time for questions and discussion after the presentations.

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Link to digital meeting room


Cecilie Hellestveit, “Militarization of space - legal constraints and loopholes in the res communis omnium of outer space”

Elana Wilson Rowe, “Frenemies: An Arctic repertoire of cooperation in conflict”

About the speakers

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Cecilie Hellestveit, foto: Erik Hannemann,

Cecilie Hellestveit has a background in law and area/conflict-studies, with a PhD in international law of armed conflict from the University of Oslo. She has worked extensively with international law of armed conflict, including publications in international disarmament law. Hellestveit has also worked extensively with the Middle East. She is a fellow at the Norwegian Academy of International Law, and a special advisor to the Norwegian Institution for Human Rights. In 2020 she published “The Law of Armed Conflict - Norway and the Wars of our Time” at the Scandinavian University Press, co-authored with Dr. Gro Nystuen.

Photo: Christopher Olssøn, NUPI
Elana Wilson Rowe, foto: Christopher Olssøn, NUPI

Elana Wilson Rowe is a research professor at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (Oslo) and adjunct professor at the  Center for High North Governance at Nord University (Bodø, Norway). Wilson Rowe has published on the politics of expertise in global governance, Russian foreign policy and Arctic diplomacy. Her books include Arctic Governance: Power in Cross-Border Cooperation (Manchester University Press, 2018) and Russian Climate Politics: When Science Meets Policy (Palgrave, 2013). She is the PI of the  ‘Lorax Project: Understanding Ecosystemic Politics’ (2019-2023), which is funded by the European Research Council and compares the politics of the Arctic, the Amazon and the Caspian Sea region. @ElanaWilsonRowe

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