Abstract of the Rights of the Child to Participation and Its Realization in China

Xuemei Wang

The “China Part” of this paper first introduction in Chinese background, the knowledge of children's participation, which is primarily concerned about children's participation in the two misunderstandings and the two views of children's participation in. The former including: a, the concept of child to participation in that culture beyond the developed countries is not acceptable; b, child to participation means that the child is not affected at all by adults. The latter involved: a, child to participation in the first place is an inalienable and fundamental human rights; b, the protection and realization of the rights of the Child to participation in means that the Government and social responsibility.

The second part would discuss the approach of realization on the right of child to participation in Chinese condition. The realization of the right of the child to participation is totally through six level and three ways to complete. The six levels: on the affairs of family, school, work (16-18 years), society and community, country, and international. Three ways: a, adults seek the opinions of the child; b, in partners; c, by participating in social activities.

The last part would investigate the participation in the matter or content. Generally speaking, participation involves all matters affecting the child. Specifically, including the following aspects, e.g. health, education, medical care, accommodation, residence and contact, school education, school regulations, environmental protection, community development, courts or administrative authorities-related matters, legal system building, international business review, etc.

Published May 28, 2010 10:50 AM