Interview with ICJ Judge Christopher Greenwood

Gamle Festsal, University of Oslo, Faculty of Law, March 2. 2010. Interviewer is Professor Mads Andenæs from the Department of Private Law.



Sir Christopher Greenwood is a judge of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

He has a long distinguished academic career in Cambridge and at the London School of Economics. As a barrister and a QC he has appeared before English and international courts and tribunals, for instance in the Pinochet case before the House of Lords. He is known for his ability to explain international law issues to judges with little background in the field, in the same way as he was an outstanding teacher in the oxbridge tutorial tradition. His style is much admired. He has made contributions to the development of a wide field of international law. He provided advice about the legality of the invasion in Iraq, and this is one of the issues currently raked over by the Chilcott Inquiry in London.

He recently delivered the F A Mann lecture in London on UNITY AND DIVERSITY IN INTERNATIONAL LAW, and some of the issues about fragmentation and other tendecies such as cooperation and cross citation between international courts, are among the issues that will be pursued in the session.

The session will be held in the Old Hall (Gamle Festsal) of the University. Professor Mads Andenæs will conduct the interview. Professor Andenæs is a professor at the Institute of Private Law, and holds doctorates from Cambridge and Oxford and has been a professor in England for some fifteen years in the course of which he also was Director of the Centre of European Law, King's College, London and The Director of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and Editor of the International and Comparative Law Quarterly.

This event is one in a series organised by Professor Cecilia Bailliet.

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