Working groups

The conference brings together Internationally acclaimed scholars in the field of international law, women’s law and discrimination law. The intention is to explore:

How the CEDAW Committee in its jurisprudence has balanced the non-discrimination principle with national sovereignty, state discrection and proportionality How women’s civil, political, social and economic rights have been addressed by overlapping treaty bodies, like CEDAW, CESCR and HRC How the CEDAW Committee’s interventions are reflected in national judicial review, legislation and policy.

The European Court of Human Rights in a national, European and global context.

Editors: Geir Ulfstein, Andreas Follesdal and Birgit Schlütter

The contributions in this book will consider the competing demands on the Court in its protection of human rights in a national, European and global setting, and its interaction with other international institutions, such as the EU and the UN.