About the Labour Law Group


Labour law (labour and employment law, in Norwegian: collective and individual labour law) is a comprehensive legal discipline interlinking with a number of different fields of law. Contract law pertaining to employment contracts as well as collective agreements is the cornerstone, but labour law also encompasses elements of public law as well as additional aspects of private law, conflict of laws, European law and international law.

Individual and collective labour law are the main subjects to research within the group. The research has Norwegian, Nordic, EU/EEA and international orientation and has connections with other both legal and non-legal Fields.

Building Labour Law (Arfa)

Since 2008, the Faculty of Law and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs have promoted an investment to the subject labour law by establishing the programme Building Labour Law (Arbeidsrettslig fagutvikling, Arfa). The objective with Arfa is to ensure that academic skills will be preserved and developed on a high level. The purpose for this is to maintain societal needs for knowledge of legislation and the institutional framework with regard to working life and industrial relations.

The activities within the programme is organised in the Labour Law Group’s leadership and an important part of the group’s activities. After a ten year period (2008–2017), under management of Professor Stein Evju, the programme was renewed for a subsequent ten year period (2018–2027). The current programme is managed by Professor Johann Mulder.


The responsibility for administering teaching in labour law is currently vested with the Department of Private Law, conducted by the Labour Law Group’s leadership. The courses taught are: Collective labour law, and individual labour law . (Between 2014 and 2019 courses were held in European labour law.)

Besides, the Labour Law Group’s leadership has the academic and tutorial responsible for master theses in labour law. Topics for master thesis can be found on the Norwegian webpage.

Associate Professor Marianne Jenum Hotvedt is responsible teacher for individual labour law (individuell arbeidsrett).

Professor Johann Mulder is responsible teacher for collective labour law (kollektiv arbeidsrett), and coordinator for master theses. He is also responsible for the profile Labour Law and Working Life.

For more information, see the Norwegian webpage.

The Labour Law Group and partners

The Labour Law Group is a partner of Labour Law Research Network (LLRN) and in the Nordic project about the Labour Law Portal. Furthermore, the group through Associate Professor Marianne Jenum Hotvedt participates in the project The future of work: Opportunities and challenges for the Nordic models.

Additionally, the Research Group organises a national network for teachers in labour law, the National Network for Labour law Teaching. The purpose with this network is to exchange information and experiences in teaching-related matters.

The members of the Research Group also have extensive contact with practitioners on the field, among them representatives of the ministries, courts, labour market partner and law firms.


The Labour Law Group has published a number of works within the labour law subject, se for an overview for the period 2006–2016 here, and here for an overview over publications from 2017.

Approximately three to four times a year the Research Group sends information about recent publications by e-mail. This information will be accessible by approaching Higher Executive Officer Ørnulf Kristiansen (ornulf.kristiansen@jus.uio.no).


Several times per term, the Labour Law Group arranges seminars on labour law and working life. Most of them are open for each and every one interested, see further information about previously and coming events.


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