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Law, Economy and Governance (LEGO)

The research group focuses on the relationship between the exercise of public power and legal rules and institutions as conditions of economic activity. The core area of the research group is public and administrative law and economic regulation. Also other branches of the law that constitute institutional conditions of economic activity are however within the group’s field of interest.

About the group

The purpose of the research group on Law, Economy and Governance (LEGO) is to gather and create an environment for research on legal rules as institutional conditions of economic activity, straddling different institutes at the faculty. The group gathers researchers from the Institute of Public and International Law, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, Institute of Private Law and Centre for European Law.

The group arranges regular lunch seminars and seminars and conferences with both internal and invited external participants. Through these activities, the research group works actively for publication and dissemination of research.

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