Excessive prices in the pharmaceutical sector

Welcome to this seminar, a part of our Competition Law Forum Series.

Presentation by dr Fiorenzo Bovenzi, Chief Economist,  EFTA Surveillance Authority


Fiorenzo Bovenzi

The seminar is open to all interested in competition Law.


The European Commission and other competition authorities in Europe have recently been investigating concerns about excessive prices in the pharmaceutical sector. As the UK experience shows, however, excessive pricing cases are difficult and raise unique challenges.

Our speaker dr Fiorenzo Bovenzi, Chief Economist in the Competition and State aid department of the EFTA Surveillance Authority, will present the latest developments in this area of competition policy and discuss the main legal and economic issues present in excessive pricing cases.

Venue and Lunch

Please note that this Competition Law Forum will find place at Juridisk eksamenssal, Domus Academica, and start at 13:00. 

Lunch will be served from 12:45.


Published Oct. 24, 2018 11:51 AM - Last modified Nov. 5, 2018 1:47 PM