Patent Wars and International Investment Agreements

– The Case Lilly v. Canada, on the Cumbersome Interface Between Trade, Intellectual Property and Human Rights

Presentation by Professor Daniel J. Gervais, Vanderbilt University.


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The interface between trade, IP and human rights has yet to be fully formed, both doctrinally and normatively.   With the emergence of investor-state dispute-settlement, the situation has become even more difficult to solve. Mechanisms developed in the state-to-state context may not work. The recent Lilly v Canada case illustrates the point.

About Professor Daniel J. Gervais

Prof. Gervais is one of the leading Intellectual Property Law scholars on the international scene and has written extensively in the fields of IP Law and Trade Law, including the standard text book on the history and interpretation of the WTO Agreement on Intellectual Property (TRIPs), now in its 4th edition. He is a Full Professor at Vanderbilt University Law School (Nashville, Tennesse, US) where he has served as Director of the Vanderbilt Intellectual Property Program since 2008. Prior to joining Vanderbilt University he was a Full Professor and Acting Dean at the University of Ottowa.


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