CANCELLED (POSTPONED)! Natural resources rents – auctions and taxes

This seminar is organized by the project "Management of land and resources in the coastal zone (PlanCoast)".


Wraps and coffee


Endre Stavang, professor, Department of Private Law


Presentation of the Official Norwegian Report “Taxation of natural resource rents from fish farms"

Amund Noss, Kluge Advokatfirma, Member of the Government Commission on Taxation of natural Resource rents from fish farms

12.50-13.00 Short break

Auctioning concessions, with special reference to aquaculture super profits – presentation of joint work with Gideon Parchomovsky and Endre Stavang

Erling Eide, professor emeritus, Department of Private Law

13.50-14.00 Short break

Development of the right to marine resources in Norway

Ernst Nordtveit, professor, University of Bergen

14.50-15.00 Short break

Free allocation of so-called innovative concessions, with emphasis on its natural resource rents aspects

Kelly Solem Young, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries; former research assistant, Scandinavian institute of Maritime Law and Regulation of the aquaculture industry project
15.50-16.00 Short break

Taxations and Auctions in aquacultural sectors in Scotland, Norway and comparable jurisdictions

Karina Mauren, research assistant, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law and PlanCoast Project

16.50-17.00 Short break

Presentation of the Ruralis project "BioShare – Funding Future Welfare: Bioeconomy as the “New Oil” and the Sharing of Benefits from Natural Resources"

Katrine Broch Hauge, associate professor, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, with colleagues

18.00 Tapas

The seminar is free and open for all. Please register by 22 April 2020.

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