Natural resources lunch: The rising tide of climate litigation: what, what and how?

Introduction by Professor Christina Voigt 

The “Rising Tide” of Climate Change Litigation
Professor Dr. Christina Voigt
The number of “climate change” cases brought to courts is sharply increasing worldwide. The rising tide of climate litigation gives evidence that courts as the third pillar of government power have an important role to play in the global effort to address climate change and its adverse effects. But why does this phenomenon happen now and what is it all about?
Professor Christina Voigt will provide an overview over the global landscape of “climate change litigation”. She will provide insights into the cases that are being brought based, the legal arguments and sources - and the outcomes. She wishes to engage participants to discuss whether litigation is a viable, legitimate and effective way to address the climate change crisis.
She recently gave an interview about “climate change litigation” with “Newsroom” and RadioNZ:








Published Feb. 24, 2019 3:54 PM - Last modified Mar. 25, 2019 3:35 PM