Seminar: Women and Law: Innovative approaches to teaching, research and analysis

Professor Julie Stewart, Director of SEARCWL, University of Zimbabwe

The Institute of Women’s Law at the University of Oslo has a long standing cooperation with the Southern and Eastern African Regional Centre of Women’s Law (SEARCWL) at the University of Zimbabwe which runs a Master and PhD program in women’s law. 

Dr. Amy Tsanga and Professor Julie Stewart have recently edited the book "Women and Law: Innovative approaches to teaching, research and analysis" (Weaver Press 2011) where the lecturers within the program share their reflections on how they have built their courses with a view to what they teach and how they teach. 

The aim of SEARCWL’s programs is to enable the students to carry out grounded research that situates women’s human rights in local contexts. To this end, courses on research methodologies and methods in women’s law and specialized courses on gender sexuality and the law; men, masculinities and the law; women access to resources and the law and women, law and commerce have been developed.

In the event of Professor Julie Stewart’s visit KVIBALD and STK have organized a seminar to discuss teaching and research in the interrelated field of women, men, gender and the law.


14.15: Welcome

  • Professor Anne Hellum

14.20: African women’s rights in theory and practice: Evolving research and teaching methodologies and methods

  • Professor Julie Stewart

14.50: Building courses and facilitating research: Women Access to Resources and the Law, Women, Law and Commerce and Gender Sexuality and the Law

  • Professor Anne Hellum
  • Professor Julie Stewart

15.15: Coffee

15.30: Comments

  • Professor Beatrice Halsaa, STK
  • Post doc Madeleine Kennedy, STK
  • Associate professor Christina Voigt
  • Professor Kirsten Sandberg

16.15: Discussion

Chair: Post doc Ingunn Ikdahl

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