The punishment, penology and criminal law research group

Punishment is a topic that stands firm at the faculty. A number of faculty researchers are conducting research that in the broadest sense addresses issues related to punishment, including criminal law, criminal proceedings and criminal proceedings.

Statue of Justitia outside Old Bailey in London. Photo: NTB

About the group

The Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo is combining strong legal and social science environments that are interested in punishment from various theoretical and empirical perspectives.

One of the purposes of the research group is to establish an interdisciplinary forum across the departments of the Faculty of Law. 

Another purpose is to cultivate the contact between university researchers and the practical field. In addition to employees from the faculty's various institutes and centers, the research team includes a number of external members with practical experience from the field.

The research group is led by Professor Johan Boucht (IOR) and Professor Thomas Ugelvik (IKRS).

Areas of interest

The members of the research group are interested in:

  • Criminal law and criminal proceedings.
  • The legitimacy of punishment: Normative and empirical investigations of different views of punishment, criminalization- and legislative processes at both national and international level and the possibilities and limitations of legitimate state power in practice
  • The everyday sociology of punishment: The practice of punishment, the everyday life in prison and the experiences of inmates and employees.
  • Punishment and globalization processes: The national state's handling of foreign prisoners and the emergence of international criminal law and international assistance for judicial development.
  • Various forms of punishment: In addition to imprisonment, other penal sanctions such as fines and community service, as well as more "punitive" phenomena from, for example, immigration- and administrative law


The research group organizes three regular meetings during each semester. Here will unfinished work among members, joint seminars and applications for research projects be discussed. In addition, the research team can arrange (or participate in arranging) other types of meetings and events according to members' needs, such as reading circles, seminars, application workshops, etc.

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