Nordic Punishment at a Crossroads?

- program overview

Wednesday March 11






Plenary 1 (Auditorum 3), 3rd Floor   

  • Welcome session
  • Tapio Lappi-Seppälä: Penal Transformations in the Nordics


Parallel session 1 (Room 3109)

Chair: Peter Scharff Smith

  • Mette Irmgard Snertingdal: Not given lightly: Side-taking in prison research
  • Áine Mangaoang: Creative freedom? The place of music in Norwegian prisons

Parallel session 2 (Room 4110)

Chair: Katja Franko  

  • Robert Andersson: A Post-political Crime Policy
  • Klara Hermansson: Public safety in Sweden. A study of a crime policy symbol
  • Henrik Tham: Populism and the expansion of punishment. The case of Sweden

Parallel session 3 (Room 5110)

Chair: Martin Nøkleberg

  • May-Len Skilbrei: Rape as a social, legislative and judicial problem
  • Lena Landström och Markus Naarrttijärvi:  "Police innovation and the rule of law - Between uniformity and adaptation".
























Parallel session 5 (Aud 3)

Chair: Marina Hiller Foshaugen

  • Rune Ellefsen – Preventing radicalization and violent extremism in Norway: The emergence of a new field of policy and practice
  • Heidi Mork Lomell – “How could our society let this happen?” Narratives of predictability and preventability after terrorist attacks
  • Ingvild Bruce – Normative standards for the regulation of preventive surveillance measures

Parallel session 6 (Room 5110)

Chair: Helgi Gunnlaugson

  • Jordan Hyatt – Substance use patterns among inmates in Norway and the necessity of evidence-based treatments in prisons
  • Frank Nielsen – An investigation of the changing conceptualizations of the drug user studied through changes in the Danish drug legislation 1969-2019



Thursday March 12


Plenary 2 (Auditorium 3)

Chair: Inger Marie Sunde

Philip Brey: Artificial Intelligence in the Criminal Justice System: Risks and Rewards


Parallel session 7 (Aud 3)

Chair: Heidi Mork Lomell

  • Dorina Damsa and Peter Scharff Smith: Penal populism, crimmigration, and prison practice in the Nordic welfare state - the case of Denmark
  • Helene O. I. Gundhus: Policing migration as threats: risk assessments and abnormal justice in a welfare state
  • Peter Scharff Smith/Vanessa Barker: Nordic Noir: Reexamining the Penal-welfare Nexus in the Age of Migration


Parallel session 9 (Room 3109)

Chair: Jens Erik Paulsen

  • Helgi Gunnlaugsson: Recent prison developments in Iceland: Can Iceland be described as a case of Nordic exceptionalism?
  • Arta Jalili Idrissi: Women’s imprisonment in Latvia: The clash of the Soviet and neoliberal ‘titans’



Plenary 3 (Auditorium 3)

Chair: Thomas Ugelvik

Yvonne Jewkes: Exporting the 'fantasy prison': the risks inherent in imaginary Nordic penalities


Lunch, wraps served on the 3'rd floor


Plenary 4 (Auditorium 3)

Chair: John Todd

Ben Crewe: Laissez-faire Inclusion and intervention in and beyond the prison




Parallel session 11 (Aud 3)

Chair: Per Jørgen Ystehede

  • Emma Villman: Gradual release from prison: challenges with a more open enforcement
  • Helene De Vos: Security and normalization: a double balancing act

Parallel session 12 (Room 3109)

Chair: Jo Stigen

  • Kristin Hellesø-Knutsen og Kjetil Lussand: CEW in Norwegian police
  • Inger Marie Sunde: Crime prevention on the Internet - legal aspects


Parallel session 13 (Aud 3)

Chair: Hans Myhre Sunde

  • Anja Emilie Kruse: Social responses to narratives of sexual harmdoing
  • Thomas Ugelvik: Desistance and interpersonal trust 

Parallel session 14 (Room 3109)

Chair: May-Len Skilbrei

  • Kjersti Lohne: Displacing the penal-welfarism nexus in Nordic punishment
  • Papuna Guruli & Anders Løvlie: Private/public administration of justice
  • Jonna Rennerskog: Governing in the name of protection: The politics of punishment within the welfare system






Parallel session 15 (Room 4101) 

Chair: Peter Scharff Smith

  • Andreas Anderberg: Punishment or treatment – handling young offenders between penal and welfare systems
  • Kristian Mjåland: Egalitarianism from within: Hierarchy, virtues and pragmatism in prison social life
  • John Todd-Kvam: Analysing the Norwegian penal field: structure, drivers and practice

Author meets critic 2 (Room 6113)

Chair: Helene O. Gundhus

  • Katja Franko: The Crimmigrant  Other: Migration and penal power
  • Comments by Paul Larsson, May-Len Skilbrei & Lucia Zedner.


Parallel session 15 (Room 5110)

Chair: Inger Marie Sunde

  • Berit Johnsen: The greening of prison yards and the free flow of bodies in the outdoor prison space
  • Elisabeth Fransson and Sven-Erik Skotte: Prison design for children and youths in Norway: Technologies expressing normality and exceptional penalty?
  • Sylvia Koffeld-Hamidane and Ellen Andvig: Capacity building in prison - inmates experiences from Bastøy prison Island


Plenary 6 (Auditorium 3)

Chair: Ingvild Bruce

Lucia Zedner: The Safety Relation – risk, prevention and conditional citizenship in post-welfare societies

Concluding remarks





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