Business and Finance Forums

The Business Forum and Finance Forum are our main platforms for industry engagement. The Forums provide a space for mutual learning and exchange of knowledge in an inclusive and friendly environment where people can feel free to speak their mind.

Supporting business and finance in the transition to sustainability

The Forums were initiated under the SMART Project. As a part of our SMART legacy, we continue working together with business and investors to learn from them and receive feedback on our research, as an essential part of the co-production of knowledge that sustainability necessitates.  Our aim with the Forums is to contribute to a faster transition to sustainability.

With the Business Forum we focus on how businesses can shift from linear and unsustainable to circular and sustainable business model, and how sustainability can be implemented throughout the business employing sustainability due diligence.  

With the Finance Forum, we discuss how to shift investments from unsustainable projects and businesses to sustainable ones, and how financial institutions as well as individual investors can use their influence to promote sustainable decision-making in the projects and businesses in which they invest.

Corporate Sustainability Programme

The Corporate Sustainability Programme is a training programme for executives and others wishing to implement sustainability into their business.

The Programme will consists of a series of workshops for businesses, over the course of one year.  Participants will learn about the emerging regulatory framework for corporate sustainability and our research-based concept of sustainability, defined as securing the social foundation for humanity within planetary boundaries. Applied to business, we define corporate sustainability as an overarching goal of creating sustainable value within planetary boundaries. Participants will learn how to implement this goal into their business, including their business models, strategy, and risk management systems, and how to operationalise this through sustainability due diligence. This will give the basis also for meaningful sustainability Reporting.

At subsequent workshops, the participants will have the possibility to discuss their experience with applying this knowledge within their businesses, and receive further input and guidance.

More information about the Programme will be sent out to our Business Forum.

Corporate Sustainability Pilot Projects

The Pilot Projects are designed for businesses who wish to work more in-depth and together with researchers to integrate sustainability into their business. 

In the Pilot Projects, we will work together with businesses to commit to the overarching goal of creating sustainable value within planetary boundaries, and implement this throughout the business, with any necessary adjustments to business models, strategies and risk management systems. We will work together to implement sustainability due diligence throughout the business, including global value chains where applicable. This will enable the business to understand and mitigate the financial risks of unsustainability and position itself to reap the benefits of transitioning to sustainability. Sustainability reporting that is more meaningful will be amongst the results, attracting sustainability-oriented investors, customers, and public procurement contracts.

Pilot projects will require high level of commitment and engagement from the pilot businesses.

More information about the possibility for becoming a pilot business will be sent out to our Business Forum.

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Membership in the Business Forum is open to a range of people in business, from members of corporate boards, to executives and managers on various levels, and other personnel in businesses working on relevant areas.

Membership in the Finance Forum is open to a range of people in finance, from members of corporate boards of financial institutions, to executives and managers on various levels, to fund managers, personnel at rating agencies, and other relevant institutions. 

Representatives of financial institutions may sign up both to the Business Forum and the Finance Forum.

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