Gender and Development: Assessing practice in the Pacific

Presentation by Professor Vijaya Nagarajan, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. She will be at the Department of Private Law in Oslo as a guest researcher until 30 June.


This presentation explores how gender equality has been translated within the development discourse and practice across Pacific nations. The last decade has seen a shift away from gender equality to gender empowerment, which has important consequences for how the aid dollar is being spent and the activities that are being supported. The shift has been supported by an increased reliance on indexes to measure success and failure, which too directly impacts on the lives of Pacific people. This presentation urges the global north to rethink how gender justice can be achieved and reflects on our role as lawyers and academics in bringing about this change. The findings are informed by empirical research conducted over the last five years as part of research consultancies in the Pacific.

Brief Bio

With a background in economics and law, Professor Vijaya Nagarajan researches and teaches in the areas of corporate governance, competition policy and sustainable development, in Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia). She has published widely including several articles and books on gender equity, sustainability, corporate governance and competition policy. Vij is the recipient of a University teaching award and a Faculty award for research supervision. She has been involved in research consultancies across the Pacific and has recently completed a book on Women in Business in the Pacific as part of this work.


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