Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models

Jukka Mähönen shall present Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models.

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About the project

The UiO:Nordic is a strategic initiative at University of Oslo. UIO:Nordic provides new knowledge about Norway and the Nordic countries in an international context as well as supply critical perspectives on the sustainability and development potential of the Nordic models and institutions. UiO:Nordic cast a critical eye on concepts and notions of ‘the Nordic model’ in order to analyse historical preconditions and the dynamics of change, and to investigate different areas of Nordic society, comparing and contrasting it with other countries and regions. This will be accomplished by involving cutting-edge expertise in different academic communities, insights and international research networks to develop new interdisciplinary research topics.

The core of UiO:Nordic are excellent research groups to realize the University’s strategy of interdisciplinary collaboration, to be more successful in gaining external funding, to develop new arenas for user contact and dialogue, and to strengthen interfaculty and international education.

The UiO:Nordic Board has established two new research groups for years 2019-2022. One of them is the interdisciplinary Research Group

Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models

in cooperation between the Department of Private Law at the Faculty of Law and the Department of Informatics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. At the Department of Private Law, it will act as a research project under Research Group Companies, Markets and Sustainability (Company Law Group). At the Department of Informatics, the project is part of Research Group Digitization and Entrepreneurship (DIGENT). The leader of the project is Professor Jukka Mähönen from Company Law Group and the deputy leaders Professor Beate Sjåfjell from Company Law Group and Associate Professor Maja van der Velden from DIGENT. The tentative starting date of Futuring is at fall 2019.

The aim of Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models is to address the challenges globalization, digitalization, and the global sustainability and sustainable development goals pose to Nordic businesses through (i) an interdisciplinary analysis of the development and transformation of Nordic business models in the era of globalization and digitalization, (ii) an inquiry into the possibilities and challenges globalization, digitalization and the sustainability goals create for Nordic business models today, and (iii) the proposition of policies for innovating Nordic business models for sustainability.

Through an interdisciplinary analysis, drawing both on historical sources and empirical data, Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models will investigate the potential of Nordic business models in the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within planetary boundaries. Specific interest is given to typical Nordic governance models and their future: large firms controlled by families, foundations and public actors, small and mediums sized enterprises, and cooperatives. Stakeholder engagement and dissemination plays a central role in Futuring’s activities.

Through document analysis, multiple case studies, and so-called futuring workshops, Futuring will critically analyse the conceptions of sustainability in Nordic business models, both small, medium-sized and large firms, and their increasingly global value chains and networks. It will identify prerequisites for Nordic business models to contribute to the sustainable development of the Nordic countries, in line with the SDGs.

Finally, Futuring will present propositions for sustainable business models that can be emulated both in Nordic and non-Nordic countries and regions and across global value Chains.

Cooperation and networking with Nordic institutions and scholars is planned in the implementation of Futuring’s work.  Dissemination of Futuring’s results will take place through an edited volume, academic publications in books and journals, and through the international conferences and seminars organized by the Project.


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