EMPOWER project gets funding from first UiO:Energi convergence environments call

EMPOWER, an interdisciplinary project aimed at developing an encompassing long-term strategy on sustainable batteries, was awarded one the two first UiO:Energi convergence environments funding. The project EMPOWER aims at answering the overarching research question: how can batteries used in mobility empower the transition to a net-zero energy system in Norway?

The EMPOWER project led by Marianne Zeyringer from the Department of Technology Systems also involves researchers from the Department of Psychology, the Department of Informatics, the Department of Mathematics, the department of Education, and the Department of Private Law.

Postdoctoral researcher Eléonore Maitre-Ekern, member of the Research Group Companies, Markets and Sustainability, will lead the working group dedicated to analyse the current regulatory framework and develop reform proposals for a sustainable circular battery framework. A PhD candidate will also be hired to conduct this research along with partners Eyde Cluster, Battery Norway and UCL-ISR.

Transport is the highest greenhouse gas-emitting sector in Norway and the decarbonisation of transport is essential to reach the vision of a Norwegian net-zero energy system by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement. Batteries represent a key technology to climate change mitigation in the mobility sector, including electric vehicles, scooters, and bicycles. Yet, the environmental costs related to the broad utilization of batteries, including energy use, mineral extractions and chemical waste are significant.

Norway should not only aim to pave the way for a decarbonised transport sector, but also to become a role model in building a sustainable circular battery economy. Therefore, the EMPOWER team will consider the entire life cycle of batteries and address their sustainability in a holistic manner.

Eléonore’s working group will examine the laws that currently regulate batteries in various transportation segments in Norway, the EU and internationally, including issues of battery ownership. The group will investigate specific barriers battery producers, consumers and recyclers face and develop policies proposals to achieve a sustainable batteries strategy.

The EMPOWER project is due to be launched in October 2021.

Published June 10, 2021 11:21 AM - Last modified Sep. 1, 2022 7:33 PM