International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal (ICCLJ)

The International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal, as its name indicates, is a journal devoted to the scholarly analysis of the law and practice relating to corporations, on an international and comparative basis. While the law relating to corporate enterprise is properly practical in orientation, scholarly discussion and deliberation has a clear role to play not only in the development of the law and regulatory environment, but also in the application of the existing law and, in particular, its interface with other related bodies of law.

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General editors: Professor Mads Andenæs, Postdoctoral scholar Eléonore Maitre-Ekern, Professor Taina Pihlajarinne, Professor Jukka Mähönen and Professor Beate Sjåfjell.

Editorial Secretariat: Dr. Rosalien van't Foort-Diepeveen

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Volume 15 • 2021 • Issue 1

A Comparative Analysis of the Identification of De Facto and Shadow Directors in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia
Rehana Cassim

Are Auditors Watchdogs or Bloodhounds – Evidences from Malaysia?
Loganathan Krishnan

A Comparative Analysis of the Class Action Regimes in Nigeria and Korea
Kalu Kingsley Anele

A Post-Colonial Comparative Critical Legal Study of the Open Norm of Reasonableness and Fairness (or Good Faith) in Dutch and Indonesian Corporate Law
Bart Jansen, Faizal Kurniawan, Annida Putri & Tineke Lambooy

Volume 14 • 2020 • Issue 3

Codified Directors' Duty to Balance Interests: The Beginning of the Future for Corporate Law?
Nojeem Amodu

Is Mandatory Non-Financial Reporting an Effective Regulatory Strategy for Advancing Responsible Business Conduct? Observations on human and labour rights reporting in Denmark 2008-2018
Karin Buhmann

The Role of State Regulation and Businesses Towards Sustainable Development: The Case of Angola
Isabel M. Borges, Hannah Hills and João A. Francisco

REVIEW of Ester Herlin-Karnell and Nicholas Ryder’s Market Manipulation and Insider Trading
Lela Mélon

Volume 14 • 2020 • Issue 2

From Watchdogs Towards Boards with Robust and Long-Term Business Sense
Aino Asplund

The Insider Trading Prohibition in India - In Search of a Doctrine
Mangesh Patwardhan

Examining the Wates Principles for Large Companies in the UK as a Social Contract for Corporate Citizenship
Roger M Barker & Iris H-Y Chiu

Volume 14 • 2020 • Issue 1

The Current Status and Future Prospects of International Coorperative Law Research
Ville Pönkä

Initiating a Scholarly Discussion About How to Develop a Tailor-Made Legal Framework For Social Enterprises In The Netherlands
Robert Helder & Aikaterini Argyrou

Corporate Climate Change Risk Reporting at Sector Level
Rebecca Scholten & Judith Plummer Braeckman

Volume 13 • 2019 • Issue 3

Gender (in)equality in the Bangladeshi ready-made garment sector
Martine Bosman, Aikaterina Argyrou, Tineke Lambooy & Sam Solaimani

A Clash of Norms: Shareholder Primacy vs Sustainable Corporate Purpose
Beate Sjåfjell & Mark B Taylor

Standardised non-financial reporting: A Cornerstone to the Success of Sustainable Finance
Davide Cerrato & Nora Hader

The Recognition of Climate Change Effects as a Risk to Financial Stability in Mexico
Miguel Marmolejo-Cervantes

Lost in Accountability. ‘Comply or Explain’, ‘Apply or Explain’ and ‘Apply and Explain’ in a Test: Barriers to Company Benefit?
Aino Asplund              

Volume 13 • 2018 • Issue 2

Engaging External Stakeholders in Dutch Corporate Governance
A G Colenbrander & T E Lambooy

Enabling Company Boards to Create Sustainable Companies: The Connection between Sustainability, Company Leadership and Law
Tineke Lambooy, Aikaterini Argyrou & Sander Tideman

The Role of Law in Promoting CSR: The Case of Indian Maharatna Public Enterprises
Satender Rana & Arun Sahay

Volume 13 • 2018 • Issue 1

Supervision Conducted by the Boards of Large Key Wholly State-Owned Companies in China
Basang Wangdui

The Corporate Governance Crisis of Venture Capital Investment in China - Case Studies and Legislative Response
Chi Zhang

Volume 12 • 2017 • Issue 3

Legal Forms for Social Enterprises in the Dutch Legal Framework: An Empirical Analysis of Social Entreprenueurs' Attitudes on the Needs of Social Enterprises in the Netherlands
Aikaterini Argyrou, Pjotr Anthoni & Tineke Lambooy

An Introduction to Tailor-Made Legislation for Social Enterprises in the EU: A Comparison of Legal Regimes in Belgium, Greece and the UK
Aikaterini Argyrou & Tineke Lambooy

Volume 12 • 2017 • Issue 2

Special Issue: Daughters of Themis: International Network of Female Business Scholars

Editors: Roseanne Russell and Beate Sjåfjell

Russell, Roseanne and Sjåfjell, Beate, ‘Introducing Daughters of Themis: International Network of Female Business Scholars’. International Comparative and Corporate Law Journal, Volume 12 (2017), Issue 2, pp 7-11. Available at SSRN.

Ang, Yue S., Partners in Social Entrepreneurship: A UK Approach to Buyer's Risk-Externalities. International Comparative and Corporate Law Journal, Volume 12 (2017), Issue 2, pp 12-35. Available at SSRN.

Argyrou, Aikaterini and Charitakis, Stelios, ‘Gender Equality in Employment Utilizing Female Social Entrepreneurship in Greece’, International Comparative and Corporate Law Journal, Volume 12 (2017), Issue 2, pp 36-60. Available at SSRN.

Fernández Izquierdo, Maria Angeles and Muñoz-Torres, Maria Jesús and Ferrero-Ferrero, Idoya and Bellés-Colomer, Lucía, ‘Gender and Sustainability in the Governance of Spanish Universities’ International Comparative and Corporate Law Journal, Volume 12 (2017), Issue 2, pp 61-79. Available at SSRN.

Russell, Roseanne, ‘How do FTSE100 Companies Frame Gender Equality?’ International Comparative and Corporate Law Journal, Volume 12 (2017), Issue 2, pp 80-102. Available at SSRN.

Diepeveen, Rosalien and Lambooy, Tineke and Renes, Remko, ‘The Two-Pronged Approach of the (Semi-)Legal Norms on Gender Diversity: Exploratory Empirical Research on Corporate Boards of Dutch Listed Companies’, International Comparative and Corporate Law Journal, Volume 12 (2017), Issue 2, pp 103-139.. Available at SSRN.

Volume 12 • 2017 • Issue 1

Human Rights Obligations for Home States to Prevent Corporate Activities from Damaging the Environment outside its Territory, Hanneke Palm. Available at SSRN.

In Between Two Social Actors: The Social and Environmental Responsibilities of Sovereign Wealth Funds, Eva van der Zee. Available at SSRN.

Volume 11 • 2015 • Issue 3

United States Company Law as it Impacts Corporate. Environmental Behaviour, with Emphasis on Climate Change
Celia R Taylor

Sustainable Business and Australian Corporate Law: An Exploration
Surya Deva

Irish Company Law as a Means of Furthering the Climate Change Agenda
Blanaid Clarke

Sustainable Companies under the Lithuanian Company Law
Eglė Lauraityė and Paulius Miliauskas

Juridifying Corporate Social Responsibility through Public Law: Assessing Coherence and Inconsisitencies Against UN Guidance on Business and Human Rights
Karin Buhmann

Volume 11 • 2015 • Issue 2

Special Issue: Civil Liability of Credit Rating Agencies in the European Union. Selected Legal and Economic Aspects.

Editorial Introduction: Civil Liability of Credit Rating Agencies in the European Union - Selected Legal and Economic Aspects
Gudula Deipenbrock and Mads Andenæs

The European Civil Liability Regime for Credit Rating Agencies from the Perspective of Private International Law - Opening Pandora's Box?
Gudula Deipenbrock

Tort Liability for Ratings of Structured Securities under English Law
Kern Alexander

Civil Liability of Credit Rating Agencies from a European Perspective: Development and Contents of Article 35(a) of Regulationn (EU) No 462/2013
Francesco De Pascalis

Does Member State Law Make Article 35(a) of Regulation (EU) No 562/2013 on Credit Rating Agencies Redundant?
Emil Nästegård

The Civil Liability Regime of the CRA-Regulation and the Requirement of Causation
Aaron Verständig

Civil Liability of Credit Rating Companies – Qualitative Aspects of Damage Assessment from an Economic Viewpoint
Andreas Horsch

Civil Liability of Credit Rating Companies - Quantative Aspects of Damage Assessment from an Economic Viewpoint
Jacob Kleinow

Volume 11 • 2015 • Issue 1

Sustainable Companies: Possibilities and Barriers in Norwegian Company Law
Beate Sjåfjell

The Possibilities for and Barriers to Sustainable Companies in Polish Company Law
Arkadiusz Radwan and Tomasz Regucki

Sustainable Companies: Barriers and Possibilities in UK Company Law
Charlotte Villiers

Volume 10 • 2013 • Issue 2

Blatant disregard or inadequate advice? Norwegian authorities’ guidance on fish and phosphates extraction from Western Sahara
Hans Morten Haugen

Corporate social responsibility and transparency: How could we amend Dutch law to improve transparency with regard to Dutch multinational companies?
T.E. Lambooy, R.A. Diepeveen and S. van’t Foort

Cross-border conversion of companies in the EU: The impact of the VALE judgment
Daniel Gergely Szabó and Karsten Engsig Sørensen

Volume 10 • 2013 • Issue 1

The takeover directive and German takeover law – some fundamentals from a market and sustainable development perspective
Gudula Deipenbrock

The revision of the EU takeover directive in light of the 2011 UK takeover law reform
Georgina Tsagas

The European takeover directive: a US comparison
Celia R. Taylor

The takeover’s directive – a meaningful contribution to stakeholders rights in Europe?
Blanaid Clarke

Volume 9 • 2013 • Issue 3

Climate change: scientific basis and status of the negotiations of the treaties
Anita Halvorssen and Elisabeth Holland

The responsibility of business enterprises to respect the environment: a plea to supplement the Ruggie framework
K. D. Jesse

A fiduciary duty to minimize the corporation’s environmental impacts
Gail E. Henderson

Volume 9 • 2013 • Issue 2

The liability of the tobacco industry for damage caused by smoking: legal theories and legal fiction
Luca Di Donna

Constructing sustainability through CSR: a critical appraisal of ISO 26000
Andrew Johnston

Minimum legal capital in EU private limited liability companies and alternative means of protecting creditors
Michal Kotlárik

Volume 9 • 2012 • Issue 1

Regulating and supervising credit rating agencies in the European Union
Gudula Deipenbrock and Mads Andenæs

Sustainability rating – approaching the legal perspective
Gudula Deipenbrock

Remedies for the breach of the duty to inform consumers
Luca Di Donna

The allocation of the burden of proof in the area of producer responsibility
Luca Di Donna

Practical overview of the implementation of community law in financial sector: A view of a legal practitioner
Gintautas Pošiūnas

Volume 8 • 2011 • Issue 4

Transposing the SE in Norwegian Law
Linn Cecilie Jensen (now Anker Sørensen)

Book review: M Andenæs and F Wooldridge, European and Comparative Company Law (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2009)
Maren Heidemann

Book Review: J Dalhuisen, Dalhuisen on Transnational Comparative, Commercial, Financial and Trade Law, vol. 1-3 (4th edn Hart, Oxford, Portland 2010), Introduction – The New Lex Mercatoria and its Sources (vol.1) ; Contract and Movable Property Law (vol.2) ; Financial Products, Financial Services and Financial Regulation (vol.3)
Maren Heidemann

Volume 8 • 2011 • Issue 3

Credit rating agencies and European financial market supervision
Mads Andenæs and Gudula Deipenbrock

Watchdog confronts Poseidon: justifying EC reluctance to subject P&I Insurance into strict compliance with competition law
Victoria Mitsukova

Adapting private equity to company Law or vice versa? – understanding some key determinants of a strong private equity market in the China context
Shen Wei

Volume 8 • 2011 • Issue 2 – Special Issue: Sustainable Companies

Addressing Climate Change through the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund
Anita M. Halvorssen

Reflexive regulation of CSR to promote sustainability: Understanding EU public-private regulation on CSR through the case of human rights
Karin Buhmann

Volume 8 • 2011 • Issue 1 – Special Issue: Sustainable Companies

Sustainable Development, EU Law and Companies. The EU law framework for the Sustainable Companies project
Beate Sjåfjell

Sustainable Development, the interest(s) of the company and the role of the board from the perspective of a German Aktiengesellschaft
Gudula Deipenbrock

Directors’ duties and the company’s internal structures under the UK Companies Act 2006: Obstacles for Sustainable Development
Charlotte Villiers

Sustainable Development: What Role for the Company Law?
Surya Deva

Towards a Sustainable Development: Internalising Externalities in Norwegian Company Law
Beate Sjåfjell


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