Publications 2014 and older

An overview is given here of publications in English.


  • Anker-Sørensen, Linn, Parental Liability for Externalities of Subsidiaries: Domestic and Extraterritorial Approaches, Available at SSRN, 2014

  • Bianco, Giuseppe, EU Financial Stability Mechanisms: Few Certainties, Many Lingering Doubts, “European Business Law Review”, 2015 (forthcoming)

  • Bianco, Giuseppe,“Publication of information at the commencement of arbitral proceedings”, in Dimitrij Euler, Markus Gehring, Maxi Scherer (eds.), Transparency in International Investment Arbitration. A Guide to the UNCITRAL Standard on Transparency in Treaty-Based Investor-State Arbitration, Cambridge University Press, 2014 (forthcoming)

  • Bianco, Giuseppe, Converging Towards NAFTA: An Analysis of FTA Investment Chapters in the European Union and the United States, with Filippo Fontanelli, “Stanford Journal of International Law”, Vol. 50, No. 2, 2014
  • Bianco, Giuseppe, Dialogue or Disobedience? On the Domestic Effects of the ECHR in Light of the Kamberaj Decision, with Giuseppe Martinico, “European Public Law”, Vol. 20, No. 3, 2014
  • Bianco, Giuseppe, Collective Action Clauses in the Eurozone: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, in “European Journal of Law Reform”, Special Issue on European Crisis, Vol. 16, Issue 4, 2014

  • Bianco, Giuseppe, “Enhancing the International Monetary Fund’s Compliance with Human Rights – The Issue of Accountability”, with Filippo Fontanelli, in Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, Jernej Letnar Černič (eds.), Making Sovereign Financing and Human Rights Work, Hart Publishing, 2014

  • Ochoa-Sanchez,   “An Empirical Examination of the Function of the OECD National Contact Points to Handle Complaints on an Alleged Breach of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises,” Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations, Vol. 89, 2014, pp. 159-169. Kluwer Law.

  • Beate Sjåfjell, Gender Diversity in the Board Room & Its Impacts: Is the Example of Norway a Way Forward? (December 11, 2014). Paper presented at International Board Gender Diversity Forum 'Mandatory Gender Quota Legislation: Will Australia Follow Europe?', October 2014. Forthcoming in Deakin Law Review. University of Oslo Faculty of Law Research Paper No. 2014-48. Available at SSRN:

  • Sjåfjell, Beate and Mähönen, Jukka, Upgrading the Nordic Corporate Governance Model for Sustainable Companies (July 25, 2014). European Company Law, Volume 11, Issue 2, 2014; University of Oslo Faculty of Law Research Paper No. 2014-18. Available at SSRN.

  • Sjåfjell, Beate and Wiesbrock, Anja (eds), The Greening of European business under EU Law. Taking Article 11 TFEU Seriously, (Routledge, 2015 – published Nov. 2014), which includes inter alia these chapters:


  • Bianco, Guiseppe,The Bitter End of Sovereign Debt Restructurings: The Abaclat v. Argentina Arbitration and the Eurozone Crisis, “Legal Issues of Economic Integration” 40, No. 4, 2013;

  • Bianco, Guiseppe,Breaking the bond: Vulture Funds and Investment Arbitration, with Dimitrij Euler, “ASA Bulletin” 31, No. 3, 2013

  • Spaić, A. & Novović, M. 2013, "Taxes: European banks in protection of American interests", Pravo i privreda, vol. 50, no. 10-12, pp. 24-42.

  • Myklebust, Trude, The Role of Stock Exchanges in Shaping More Sustainable Company and Market Practices (September 12, 2013). University of Oslo Faculty of Law Research Paper No. 2013-28. Available at SSRN.

  • Sjåfjell, Beate and Anker-Sørensen, Linn, "Directors’ Duties and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)" (September 9, 2013). Forthcoming in Hanne Birkmose, Mette Neville & Karsten Engsig Sørensen (eds.), Boards of directors in European companies – reshaping and harmonising their organisation and duties, Kluwer Law International, 2013/2014 ; University of Oslo Faculty of Law, University of Oslo Faculty of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series No. 2013-26. Available at SSRN.
  • Sjåfjell, Beate og Kjelland, Cecilie, Norway: Corporate Governance on the Outskirts of the EU, forthcoming in Comparative Corporate Governance, A. Fleckner and Klaus Hopt (eds), Cambridge University Press
  • Ochoa Sanchez, Juan C. "The Rights of Victims in Criminal Justice Proceedings for Serious Human Rights Violations", Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies/University of Geneva Series, vol. 12, Martinus Nijhoff


  • Andenæs, Mads, European Monetary Law. I: Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law. Oxford University Press 2012 ISBN 978-0-19-929168-7.
  • Andenæs, Mads, Harmonising and Regulating Financial Markets. I: Theory and Practice of Harmonisation. Edward Elgar Publishing 2012 ISBN 978-1-84980-001-3. s. 1-29
  • Andenæs, Mads, The External Effects of National ECHR Judgments. Jean Monnet Working Paper 2012 (10/12)
  • Andenæs, Mads; Deipenbrock, Gudula. Regulating and supervising credit rating agencies in the European Union. International and comparative corporate law journal 2012 ;Volum 9.(1) s. 1-17
  • Andenæs, Mads; Fairgrieve, Duncan. Intent on making mischief : seven ways of using comparative law. I: Methods of Comparative Law. Edward Elgar Publishing 2012 ISBN 978 1 84980 252 9. s. 17-79
  • Sjåfjell, Beate, The Jigsaw Puzzle of Sustainability (editorial) European Company Law, Issue 2, pp 51-52.
  • Sjåfjell, Beate, Quo Vadis, Europe? The Significance of Sustainable Development as Objective, Principle and Rule of EU Law, in Non State Actors, Soft Law and Protective Regimes, Cecilia Bailliet (ed.), Cambridge University Press (2012)
  • Sjåfjell, Beate, Regulating Companies as if the World Matters: Reflections from the ongoing Sustainable Companies project, 47 (2012) Wake Forest Law Review pp 113-134. Reprinted in a slightly revised version in European company law and the Sustainable Company: a stakeholder approach, Sigurt Vitols and Johannes Heuschmid (eds), ETUI aisbl, Brussels
  • Weitzenboeck, Emily, A Legal Framework for Emerging Business Models: Dynamic Networks as Collaborative Contracts (Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, MA, USA, september 2012) (363 sider). Dette er en revidert og bearbeidet utgave av Emilys ph.d.-avhandling.  Se Elgar Publishing.


  • Cecilie Kjelland, Anders By Teigen, Beate Sjåfjell, “Report from Norway: Corporate Governance and Simplification”, European Company Law, volume 8 (2011) issue 1, pp. 32-36,  freely downloadable from:
  • Sjåfjell, Beate, Regulating Companies as If the World Matters - Reflections from the Ongoing Sustainable Companies Project, Wake Forest Law Review Symposium (The Sustainable Corporation), Winston-Salem, North Carolina, April 1, 2011
  • Sjåfjell, Beate, “The Core of Corporate Governance: Implications of the Takeover Directive for Corporate Governance in Europe”, volume 22 (2011) issue 5 European Business Law Review pp. 641–708, freely downloadable from
  • Sjåfjell, Beate“Why Law Matters: Corporate Social Irresponsibility and the Futility of Voluntary Climate Change Mitigation”, European Company Law, volume 8 (2011), issue 2-3, s. 56–64,  freely downloadable from:
  • Sjåfjell, Beate,  “Sustainable Development, EU Law and Companies: The EU law framework for the Sustainable Companies project”, International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal volume 8 (2011) issue 1, pp. 1-14, freely downloadable from:
  • Sjåfjell, Beate “Towards a Sustainable Development: Internalising Externalities in Norwegian Company Law”, International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal volume 8 (2011) issue 1, pp. 103-136,  freely downloadable from:




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  • Sjåfjell, Beate - Lederen Towards a Sustainable European Company Law, Amicus Curiae (2009) hefte 78, "The first page"
  • Sjåfjell, Beate - Towards a Sustainable European Company Law. A Normative Analysis of the Objectives of EU Law, with the Takeover Directive as a Test Case (Kluwer Law International, 2009). Access thefirst chapter here.



  • Andenas, M., S D Alabart, B Markesinis, H Micklitz and N Pasquini - Private Law Beyond the National System. (BIICL London 2007).
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  • Andenas, M. - ‘European Company Law: a laboratory for social responsibility and shareholder participation’ in F Capriglione (ed) Finanza impresa e nuovo umanesimo (Cacucci Editore Bari 2007) 85-116
  • Andenæs, Mads & Ueda, Junko (2007). Shareholders' Agreement: Some EU and English Law. Tsukuba Law Journal. ISSN 1881-8749. 1(1), s 135- 154


Older publications

  • Andenæs, M. - ‘Straffbar innsidehandel’ (Criminal Insider Trading) in M Eriksen (ed) Økonomisk kriminalitet II (Economic Crime Volume 2) (Norwegian Universities’ Press Oslo 1991) 405-34.


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