Special Issues

This special issue of the journal Sustainability is based on the contributions at the conference ‘Corporate Sustainability Reforms: Securing Market Actors’ Contribution to Global Sustainability’ in Oslo on 24 October 2019. To achieve sustainability, it is crucial to secure the contribution of all market actors: Business, citizens, investors, and the public sector. The contributions engage from different perspectives with ways forward to support the transition to sustainability.

Editors of the special issue: Professor Beate Sjåfjell and Professor Maja van der Velden.

25 May 2020, Journal of Sustainability

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This special issue explores attempts to advance respect for human rights in the context of business activity in global value chains. The special issue consists of an introduction and four articles which describe and interrogate some of the principle changes currently taking place in global value chain governance as these relate to human rights: the impact on worker power of the rise of larger emerging-market multinationals in value chains traditionally dominated by global brands; the limits of monitoring and transparency mechanisms as effective regulators of human rights in supply chains; the role of contracts in ensuring respect for human rights; and the possibility to use the courts to enforce respect for rights across fragmented production networks.

3 August 2019, Competition & Change Journal

The question of liability in corporate groups has been referred to as one of the great unsolved problems of modern company law. The acceptance in the late nineteenth century of companies as owners of shares in other companies gave legal basis for group structures. The transnational group of companies is the prevailing business form for both European enterprises and internationally.