VERDI in Toronto

Several members from VERDI participated at the annual Law and Society conference in Toronto. Their panel on «Equality in the Changing Scandinavian Welfare State» was a popular feature.

VERDI og venner i Toronto
VERDI and friends in Toronto. Photo: UiO

Panel description

This session aims at shedding light on current trends and tensions in the Scandinavian welfare states, frequently presented as champions of both equality and welfare. Yet, this depiction is facing increasing scrutiny and critique. How can we understand the multilayered system whereby legislation in fields such as labour law, social security law and social service law meet the general, cross-cutting legal principles of equality and non-discrimination law? What are the opportunities and obstacles for non-discrimination legislation as paths for change, as different legal fields and formats interact in the practice of public and private actors? Concepts of discrimination and equality are developing in tandem with changes in the economic, social and political landscapes, as perceptions of the proper shape and role of the welfare state evolves.

Here are the titles of the panel presentations:

  • "Activation Policy in England, Germany, and Norway - the Aim of Substantive Equality", Julia Köhler-Olsen (Oslo Metropolitan University) and Aina Aune Kane (The University of Tromsø)
  • "Combating Disadvantage through Constitutionalisation of Equality and Non-discrimination?", Vibeke Blaker Strand (University of Oslo)
  • "Equality from the Outside – Marginalization from the Swedish Society", Eva Schömer (Lund University)
  • "Norwegian Equality and Anti-discrimination Reform in an Individualist and Market-Oriented Context", Anne Hellum (University of Oslo)
  • "On Equality and Difference: Care Work as a Prohibited Ground of Discrimination", Ingunn Ikdahl (University of Oslo)


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