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European Law Network

The European Law Network is a research network at the Faculty of Law in Oslo for scholars interested in the exploration and discussion of European law. Academics from other faculties and disciplines are also invited to join our Network.

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Covering the variety of European law research at our Faculty, European law encompasses EU and EEA law, other European law as well as comparative law.

Membership in the Network gives an opportunity for contact with other researchers interested in European law. The Network organises European law lunch seminars, afternoon seminars and an annual European law conference.  Members wishing to keep up-to-date about these and other European law events and other relevant information can join our mailing list. A separate mailing list is available for practitioners who would like to be kept posted about events.

More information about the Network, Faculty members, our research seminars and other events as well as a selection of publications by Network members is available on our Norwegian website. On the English website, only events that are held in English will be posted.
For more information, please contact Professor Beate Sjåfjell or Higher Executive Officer Ørnulf Kristiansen.

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