The workshop programme of the Congress will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 17-19 June 2014. There will be 17 workshops, each lasting 3 hours.

Workshop topics have been chosen to encourage discussion on questions of current importance in constitutional law, across national boundaries and constitutional traditions.

Worskshops Tuesday

Workshops Chairs Location
1: Constitutional responses to terrorism David Cole (USA)
Lech Garlicki (Poland)
Auditorium 14, Domus Bibliotheca
2: Sub-national constitutions in federal and quasi-federal constitutional states Bob Williams (USA)
Giacomo Delledonne (Italy)
Auditorium 13, Domus Media
3: Constitutional studies of free trade and political economy Gonzalo Villalta-Puig (Australia)
Armand de Mestral (Canada)
'Theologisk eksamenssal', Domus Academica

4: Social Rights and the challenges of economic crisis

George Katrougalas (Greece) 
Marcelo Figueiredo (Brazil)

Auditorium 4, Domus Academica
5: Judicial and extra-judicial conversation on the Constitution Tania Groppi (Italy)
Marie-Claire Ponthereau (France)
'Gamle festsal', Domus Academica
6: The constitutional challenges of immigration Cesar Landa (Peru)
Andrew Le Sueur (UK)

Auditorium 6, Domus Academica

Worskshops Wednesday

Workshops Chairs Location
7: Sexual and reproductive rights : liberty, dignity and equality Vicki Jackson (USA)
Eva Brems (Belgium) 
Auditorium 13, Domus Media
8: The Citizen and the State in the Digital Age

Adrienne Stone (Australia)

Djedjro Meledje (Côte d’Ivoire)

Auditorium 6, Domus Academica
9: Constitutional identity and constitutionalism beyond the nation state Susanna Mancini (Italy), Manuel Cepeda (Colombia) 'Gamle festsal', Domus Academica
10: The constitution and illiberal democracies Javier Couso (Chile), Christina Murray (South Africa) 'Theologisk eksamenssal', Domus Academica              
11: The new spring of constitution-making

Mo Jihong (China)

Amine Benabdallah (Morocco)

Auditorium 4, Domus Academica
12: Constitutions and financial crisis

Cheryl Saunders (Australia)

Elena-Simina Tanasescu (Romania)

Michel Rosenfeld (USA)

Auditorium 14, Domus Bibliotheca

Worskshops Thursday

Workshops Chairs Location
13: Constitutional dimensions of political parties and elections

Charles Fombad (Cameroon)

Claude Klein (Israel)

'Theologisk eksamenssal', Domus Academica
14: New challenges to the freedom of the media

Giuseppe de Vergottini (Italy)

Yasuo Hasebe (Japan)

Auditorium 13, Domus Media
15: The transformation of the principle of the separation of powers

Bertrand Mathieu (France)

Javier Garcia Roca (Spain)

Auditorium 4, Domus Academica
16: Direct democracy

Paulus Blokker (Italy)

Richard Albert (USA)

Auditorium 6, Domus Academica
17:Federalism, community identity and distributive justice


Jean-Francois Des-Biens (Canada)

Olivier Beaud (France)

Auditorium 14, Domus Bibliotheca


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