4: Social rights and the challenges of economic crisis

This workshop will focus on the adjudication of social rights in the context of pressures from economic crisis.

The interplay of social rights with the “Social State” principle will also be examined, under various aspects, including judicial review of austerity measures by national and international courts.

  • What are the effects of adjudicating social rights on choices of public policies and what are the constraints, or influences of the economic crisis on the case law and jurisprudence?
  • Under a comparative perspective, did Polities which embrace the Social State principle react in a distinct way to the economic challenges than other legal systems that do not recognise constitutional social rights?

Finally, which are the implications for the future theorization of the normativity and justiciability of social rights?

The workshop will offer a broad comparative perspective from different regions and legal systems of the world, in an effort to highlight the fundamental questions related to social rights protection.

  • Do we need to revisit and change our concepts on on social rights?
  • Which are the most urgent related challenges today in each different part of the world?

Accepted papers

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