The World Congress of Constitutional Law 2014 will mainly take place in the old University campus in the very city centre. It includes three main buildings, called Domus Academica, Domus Media and Domus Bibliotheca, centered around the University Square and facing Karl Johans gate.

The University Aula

The university buildings have become an icon for knowledge and higher education in Norway. They were finished in 1852 and designed by the architect Christian Heinrich Grosch.

The Plenary Sessions and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies will take place in the University Aula. The workshops will take place in different auditoriums in the two neighbouring buildings.

The painter Edvard Munch (1863–1944) worked with the decoration of the University Aula in the years 1909–1916.


Photographer: Eirik Helland Urke

Panoramic view of Munch's Aula paintings, going clockwise from right to left:

1. Chemistry, 2. History, 3. New rays, 4. Women turned towards the Sun, 5. Awakening men in the lightstream, 6. The Sun, 7. Geniuses in the lightstream, 8. Men turned towards the Sun, 9. Harvesting women, 10. Alma Mater and 11. The Source


For more information about the art found in the University Aula please see the brochure Edvard Munch in the Aula (pdf).