Disputation: Anders Løvlie

Cand. jur. Anders Løvlie at the Departement of Public and International Law, will defend his thesis "The concept of fact in Law",  for the degree of Phd

Anders Løvlie

copyright: UiO

Trial lecture - time and place


Adjudication committee

Chair of defence

Head of Department Ulf Stridbeck, University of Oslo



The thesis is about the concept of fact in law, including the dichotomy regarding fact versus law. It contains an analytical framework exemplified by reasoning in texts. Four concepts of legal fact are explored, in addition to a more general philosophical concept of fact. Different regulations in criminal law and in criminal procedure law that are based on the different concepts of fact are studied specially. These are regulations of mistake of fact, limitations for The Norwegian Supreme Court in trying facts, and the distinction between facts and value judgments in defamation regulations.


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