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Coronavirus: Information to PhD candidates at the Faculty of Law


UiO's buildings were closed on Thursday 12 March 2020 at 6pm

Please keep up with the information on the UiO webpages. You may also find answers on the UiOs Q&A pages

All UiO employees now work from home, including PhD candidates who have their workplace at UiO. For more information see: 

PhD candidates with a workplace other than UiO must adhere to the guidelines at their workplace.

Public defence/PhD examination

As long as the university is closed, all candidates ready to defend their thesis will be offered the opportunity to hold a trial lecture and public defence digitally by using the Zoom tool. The digital defences will meet the requirement for transparency and the possibility for the public to ask questions.

The disputations will be announced as usual at the Faculty pages where you also may order a PDF version of the thesis, and get information on how to participate on the defence via Zoom. If you want to read more about digital public defence, you can find information at the University’s pages. The outline drawn by University of Oslo, suggest that all participants sits by themselves and conduct the defence from home or from the office. In addition to this, the Faculty of Law offers candidates the opportunity to conduct their PhD examination in a suitable room at Domus Juridica, where the leader of the disputation also will be present. The committee, supervisors and audience will participate through Zoom.

Candidates that don`t want to have a digital defence but rather wait, may postpone the disputation. Please note the consequences when choosing this option; you cannot be employed as a post.doc without passing the defence in advance. The length of the deferment is to be decided upon individually.

Trial lecture

The candidate can choose whether the trial lecture should be conducted live or recorded. This choice must be made at least 18 days before the defence. If the candidate chose to record the trial lecture, the recording must be submitted at least 48 hours before the public defence. In both cases, the committee must approve the trial lecture before the defence can begin.
The time from the candidate is given the title of the trial lecture, until the trial lecture is held, set to 15 working days.

PhD courses

The faculty is working on digitalizing the teaching and on finding good solutions for the  scheduled PhD courses.

Thesis submission /publicising the thesis 

Like the rest of the university, Reprosentralen is closed, so there are no possibilities to print the thesis. However, the thesis must be publicly available before the public defence. The candidates are therefore requested to send their file with the printable thesis in PDF format to the faculty. The PDF format will be distributed to those who wish to receive the thesis electronically in advance of the defence via Filesender in a format that cannot be forwarded.


Due to the coronavirus situation, representatives from the Faculty cannot participate in private doctoral dinners etc. However, the Faculty wishes to mark the occasion, and will come back to how, later.


Due to the coronavirus situation, representatives from the Faculty cannot participate in private doctoral dinners etc. However, the Faculty wishes to mark the occasion, and will come back to how, later. The Norwegian Government has clarified that parents who have to stay home with children due to closed schools and kindergartens can use their family care leave days. Parents, who need to be home when kindergarten and school are closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, have their quota for family care days doubled

For PhD students and postdoctoral fellows who has more than ten days of absence because of closed schools and day care, we will grant an extension. The days does not need to be consecutive.
Other application on prolongations will be evaluated individually. Although having a home office is not considered a specific occupational obstacle that can justify extension, we understand that the situation is difficult and will try to find good solutions.

Mid-term evaluation

The faculty encourages mid-term evaluations to be held by using digital aids, e.g. Zoom.


The faculty encourages supervision to be provided via Zoom or other digital aids, as long as the authorities’ measures to prevent infection are applicable.

Contact information

As always, do not hesitate to contact us!

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