Thematic group on Global perspectives in criminology, sociology and law

This thematic research group focuses on how global perspectives shape current scholarship in criminology and sociology of law. 

About the group

This group focuses on the varieties of theoretical and analytical perspectives that capture various dimensions of criminological and socio-legal research related to globalization and internationalization of crime and punishment. While researching different empirical fields, global perspectives in criminology and sociology of law face a number of common methodological, analytical and theoretical challenges, such as the issue of scale, borders and boundaries, legal pluralism, (re)conceptualizations of the nation state, environmental issues and the inclusion of postcolonial studies, perspectives from the south and interdisciplinarity.


The thematic group provides a forum for researchers at the faculty to discuss cross-cutting issues related to globalization and internationalization. We are striving to develop interdisciplinary and novel perspectives by organizing events with invited speakers, reading groups of relevant academic literature as well as offering  a forum for members to discuss work-in-progress.


The group is active for 3 years from 1 August 2022. 


Primary members:

Secondary members:

Host institute

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