International Grains Agreement [*]

Done at: London

Date enacted: 1994-12-07

In force: 1995-07-01


The signatories to this Agreement

Considering that the International Wheat Agreement, 1949 was revised, renewed, updated or extended on successive occasions leading to the conclusion of the International Wheat Agreement, 1986

Considering that the provisions of the International Wheat Agreement, 1986, consisting of the Wheat Trade Convention, 1986, on the one hand, and the Food Aid Convention, 1986, on the other, as extended, will expire on 30th June 1995, and that it is desirable to conclude an agreement for a new period,

Have agreed that the International Wheat Agreement, 1986 shall be updated and renamed the International Grains Agreement, 1995, which shall consist of two separate legal instruments


the Grains Trade Convention, 1995 and


the Food Aid Convention, 1995, [[1]]

and that each of these two Conventions, or either of them as appropriate, shall be submitted for signature and ratification, acceptance or approval, in conformity with their respective constitutional or institutional procedures, by the Governments concerned.


The 1995 Food Aid Convention has been replaced by the Food Aid Convention, 1999; adopted 1999-04-13 and in force 1999-07-01.


This Agreement consists of two separate legal instruments, the Grains Trade Convention and the Food Aid Convention. These two instruments are included as separate entries in the Treaty Database.