Guest student on human rights courses at the Faculty of Law

If you are admitted to a master's programme in Norway you may apply to be a guest student at some of the elective courses for the master`s programme in The Theory and Practice of Human Rights.

The courses available for guest students are elective courses provided by NCHR (Norwegian Centre for Human Rights): see programme structure for the master`s programme in The Theory and Practice of Human Rights. The following is a list of courses that might admit guest students.

Autumn semester

Spring semester

The application

How you should apply will depend on your current student status, and whether you are enrolled at UiO or not. Review the information below, and proceed accordingly.

Application deadline is 15 August for the Autumn semester and 15 January for the Spring semester.

All requests, applications and documents must be submitted to

Previously not enrolled at UiO?

If you have not been enrolled at the University of Oslo you must enclose the following documentation:

  • Basic qualifications registration form - English (pdf)
  • High School Diploma or similar (for Norwegian students: VGS-vitnemål og utfylt GSK-skjema (pdf))
  • Bachelor's Degree Diploma
  • Documentation of English Proficiency 

For more information on documentation requirements please see the University of Oslo's webpage for International Master's Degree admission

Your student status

  • Are you admitted to another master's programme at the UiO?
    Ask your student-/programme advisor to confirm that the course can be included in your master's degree. Submit the confirmation to Don't forget to include your name and student number.

  • Are you admitted to a master's programme at another University or University College in Norway?
    Please submit an e-mail application specifying which course(-s) you wish to attend and a confirmation from your student-/programme advisor showing that the course may be included in your master's degree. Submit the application and confirmation to

  • Already completed a master's degree in at the UiO?
    You may apply if you completed your master's degree in the previous semester. Send an e-mail to .

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