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Folkeretts-seminar: Self-defence as an operational concept

Innledning ved førsteamanuensis ved Forsvarets høyskole Phd Camilla Guldahl Cooper

Mer om Camilla Guldahl Coopers arbeid, besøk siden hennes ved Forsvarets høyskole: https://forsvaret.no/hogskolene/forsvarets-hogskole/ansatte/ansatte/cooper-camilla-guldahl


Self-defence is heavily referred to in military operations as a justification for the use of force.

However, in many cases, neither State nor personal self-defence appear to fit. Is there an operational concept of self-defence, and how does this relate to the legal concepts?

Emneord: Menneskerettigheter, Væpnetkonflikt, Fred, Sikkerhet
Publisert 19. aug. 2020 14:35 - Sist endret 20. aug. 2020 12:07