Rettshistorisk lunsjseminar: Measures short of war - an introduction

Nora Naguib Leerberg speaks about measures short of war.

Stipendiat Nora Naguib Leerberg (UiO): In the wake of the Congress of Vienna (1815), the Great Powers still resorted to measures of a varying coercive nature in order to enforce their interests in peacetime. Adopting new terminology, they sought to minimize the legal effects of their coercive use of force and avoid a "state of war". During the 19th century, these coercive acts became known as "measures short of war.”


Det serveres kaffe og te, ta gjerne med matpakke. Det er ikke påmelding til dette seminaret.



Publisert 6. feb. 2020 15:22 - Sist endret 6. feb. 2020 15:22