«Like a herd of cattle». Parliamentary and Public Debates Regarding the Cession of Norway, 1813-1814

9. bind i serien Oslo Studies in Legal History.

Av Ruth Hemstad (red.).


Oslo: Dreyers Forlag, 2014.

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This book contains the most important historical sources related to the parliamentary and public debates in Great Britain regarding the cession of Norway, 1813–1814. In a comprehensive introduction Ruth Hemstad places the reprinted debates and pamphlets in a broad historical context.

The parliamentary and public debates in Great Britain regarding the cession of Norway in 1813 and 1814, still quite unknown, are an important part of Norwegian and Scandinavian history at a decisive period in European history. «The Norwegian question» – the transfer of Norway from Denmark to Sweden, was intensively discussed in Parliament, and in pamphlets and articles in newspapers and journals in 1813 and 1814. This anthology of sources reconstructs these contemporary debates. These debates were part of the propaganda and pamphlet war surrounding the cession of Norway. The book pays special attention to the frequent use of legal arguments and references to «the law of nations» in these debates.

This book is a contribution to the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution in 2014.
By Ruth Hemstad (red.).
Ruth Hemstad, PhD, Research Librarian, Department of Scholarship and Dissemination, National Library of Norway. Main publications: Fra Indian summer til nordisk vinter. Skandinavisk samarbeid, skandinavisme og unionsoppløsningen, Akademisk Publisering, Oslo 2008; «Scandinavianism, Nordic Co--opera-tion and ‘Nordic Democracy’», in Jussi Kurunmäki & Johan Strang (eds.). Rhetorics of Nordic Democracy, Helsinki, 2010; Propagandakrigen om Norge 1812–1814, Nota bene, Nasjonalbibliotekets skriftserie, Oslo 2014 (forthcoming).
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