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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Hambro, Peter Edward +47 22859704 +4791341022
Picture of Erling Johan  Hjelmeng Hjelmeng, Erling Johan Professor +47-22859784
Hjelseth, Eilif Associate Professor II +47 22850089
Picture of Marianne Jenum Hotvedt Hotvedt, Marianne Jenum Professor +47-22859721 labour law
Hunsbedt, Christiane Researcher data protection
Picture of Harald Irgens-Jensen Irgens-Jensen, Harald Professor +47 22859357
Picture of Arild Johan Jansen Jansen, Arild Johan Professor Emeritus +47 22850075
Picture of Markus Jerkø Jerkø, Markus Associate Professor +47 22859334
Picture of Marte Eidsand Kjørven Kjørven, Marte Eidsand Professor +47 22859328
Picture of Eli Knotten Knotten, Eli Head of Office +47 22859731 +47 95222354
Picture of Asbjørn Korsbakken Korsbakken, Asbjørn Stipendiat +47 22850081 +47 97136689
Picture of Ørnulf Kristiansen Kristiansen, Ørnulf Higher Executive Officer +47 22859706 +4746952216 +47-46952216 Research administration
Picture of Kåre Lilleholt Lilleholt, Kåre Professor Emeritus +47 9971 5468
Picture of Mona Naomi Lintvedt Lintvedt, Mona Naomi Doctoral Research Fellow +47 48151418 data protection, privacy, egovernment, cybersecurity, information security, Legal Informatics, artificial intelligence (AI), robot law
Picture of Tobias Mahler Mahler, Tobias Professor +4722850087 Internet Governance, Legal Informatics, China, USA, Brazil, Russia
Picture of Eléonore  Maitre-Ekern Maitre-Ekern, Eléonore Postdoctor (Visiting Fellow in Geneva until December 2021) +47 22850185
Picture of Gert-Fredrik Malt Malt, Gert-Fredrik Associate Professor Emeritus 47-22850078
Picture of Johann Mulder Mulder, Johann Professor +47 22859618
Picture of Jukka Tapio Mähönen Mähönen, Jukka Tapio Professor +47 22859534 +47 949 83 275 Company Law, securities law, accounting law, auditing law, Law and economics, European Law
Picture of Morten Smedal Nadheim Nadheim, Morten Smedal Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859293 +47 99480913
Picture of Ole-Andreas Rognstad Rognstad, Ole-Andreas Professor +47-22859551
Picture of Erik Røsæg Røsæg, Erik Professor +47 22859752 +47 48002979 Third Party Interests in Private Law, Maritime Law, Law of the Sea, Arctic
Picture of Knut Sande Sande, Knut Doctoral Research Fellow +47 47905075 Tort Law, Contract Law
Picture of Dag Wiese Schartum Schartum, Dag Wiese Professor +4722850077
Picture of Rebecca Schmidt Schmidt, Rebecca Postdoktor +47 22850034 +47 22850034