Sjur Swensen Ellingsæter

Student - Faculty of Law

Academic interests

Sjur is currently working on a PhD thesis concerning how the EU Bank Resolution and Recovery Directive (Directive 2014/59/EU) balances the public interest in financial stability against the objectives and values underpinning general insolvency law.

His interests include:

  • EU/EEA-law
  • financial regulation
  • insolvency law
  • contract law.


Sjur graduated with a Master of Laws degree from the University of Oslo in 2012. He was a research assistant at the Centre of European law during the two final semesters of his studies.

Following graduation, Sjur has worked as an associate for the Norwegian law firm BA-HR, where his work primarily has concerned syndicated loan transactions and debt capital market transactions, as well as regulatory questions. 

PhD candidate at Department of Private Law from September 2015.




  • Ellingsæter, Sjur Swensen (2016). Krisehåndtering av finansinstitusjoner.
  • Ellingsæter, Sjur Swensen (2016). Om avvikling av finansinstitusjoner etter krisehåndteringdirektivet.
  • Ellingsæter, Sjur Swensen (2016). Sanksjoner i norsk finansmarkedsrett.
  • Ellingsæter, Sjur Swensen (2016). The Bank Resolution and Recovery Directive - Balancing financial stability and the rights of creditors of financial institutions.

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