Competition Law

Competition Law deals with regulation of the behaviour of market participants in the various markets.

About the Subject

Rules of competition are designed to ensure that markets function effectively by restricting anti-competitive practices, such as contracts in restraint of trade, abuse of market power and mergers that concentrate market structures so as to reduce competition. Competition Law extends further to include authority-implemented measures that have an impact on competition. The field of Competition Law is international in scope and encompasses both national rules and the rules pursuant to the EEA agreement and the EC Treaty


The teaching language of the course is Norwegian.


There is a great need for research in the corpus of rules associated with the regulation of markets in both the public and private sectors. The Department of Private Law has an active research environment in the field of Competition Law. This group of researchers represents the most important expertise in the field of Competition Law in Norway, and they are highly influential in the other Nordic countries as well.

Research in the field of Competition Law has two primary goals for the next few years. First of all, research will focus on issues important to the regulation of Norwegian and Nordic markets. Secondly researchers will participate actively in European discussions concerning Competition Law. The primary focus for the future will therefore be on the publication of research works in English. We will also continue to arrange seminars both the Nordic and European levels.

Competition Law is classified as a sub-field under the tasks assigned to the Research Group Market, Innovation and Competition.

Contact Person

Professor Erling Hjelmeng

Other Persons Associated with the Subject Field

Professor Ole-Andreas Rognstad

Professor Inger Berg Ørstavik

Assistant Professor Erik Østerud

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