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When a legal relationship has a foreign element, there is a conflict between various potentially applicable laws. In these cases it is necessary to choose which country’s law governs the relationship. The governing law is fundamental in determining what rights and obligations the parties have towards each other. Therefore, any evaluation of an international legal relationship must start by resolving the question of which law governs. Private international law (also known as conflict-of-laws rules or choice-of-law rules) is the branch of the law that provides an answer to this question. Private international law is a part of each country’s own internal law, and varies from country to country. To identify the governing law, therefore, it is first necessary to decide which country’s courts have jurisdiction over the dispute – because courts always apply their own private international law.

Private international law enables one to identify which country’s courts have jurisdiction and which country’s substantive law is applicable to the merits.


Lectures are offered in Norwegian: JUR1280 and JUR 5280.
The subject’s website is constantly updated and provides, in addition to the reading list for the examination, an overview of the most important literature in Norway as well as of the developments within this branch of the law, in Norway and internationally:
The following subjects are taught in English and have relevance to private international law: International Commercial Law
Comparative Private Law

Topics for the Masters Thesis

A list of topics for Masters theses can be found here:


Research within private international law is actively pursued in the Department. The main focus of research is on contractual obligations, but other objects of research such as choice of law and jurisdiction within, among other fields, family law, labour law, tort law and insolvency are also included.

Research Projects

A research project on limitations to party autonomy in fields such as company, property, security, insolvency, labour and contract Law was concluded in 2016.

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Professor Giuditta Cordero-Moss
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Professor Emeritus Stein Evju
Professor Ole-Andreas Rognstad
Professor Fellow Beate Sjåfjell


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