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Labour Law

Labour law (labour and employment law) is a comprehensive legal discipline interlinking with a number of different fields of law. Contract law pertaining to employment contracts as well as collective agreements is the cornerstone, but labour law also encompasses elements of public law as well as additional aspects of private law, procedural law and conflict of laws, European law and international law.


The Labour Law Group

The Labour Law Group (Arbeidsrettsgruppen) is an internal unit for research, teaching and other academic tasks within the academic field at the Department of Private Law. The Labour Law Group focus on conducting and facilitating research on labour law and work life. The Labour Law Group is also conducting and has the responsibility administrating labour law education at the Faculty of Law. The Labour Law Group consist of colleagues from the Department who as main task are attached to labour law.

The Faculty of Law has together with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs made an effort in the field of labour law since 2008 through the program Building Labour Law (Arfa). Arfa is aiming at consolidating and developing the scientific basis for research and teaching in labour law in a long-term perspective. See further information at the Arfa webpage.


Research within labour law, as well as collaboration with other researchers, networks and practitioners, is organised through the Research Group for Labour Law and Working Life. The Research Group currently has approximately twenty researchers as members, from both the University of Oslo and other universities or university colleges in Norway. More information on the research group can be found on the Labour Law Group's webpage


The responsibility for administering teaching in labour law is currently vested with the Department of Private Law, conducted by the Labour Law Group. The courses taught are: Collective labour lawindividual labour law and European labour law. The teaching language of collective and individual labour law is Norwegian, whereas European labour law is taught in English. Besides, the Labour Law Group has the academic and tutorial responsible for master theses in labour law. Topics for master thesis can be found on the webpage.


The Labour Law Group regularly organise lunch seminars and events related to labour law and working life. Normally, they are open to all interested parties, please see the Norwegian webpages.

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