Labour Law

About the Subject

Labour law (labour and employment law) is a comprehensive legal discipline interlinking with a number of different fields of law. Contract law pertaining to employment contracts as well as collective agreements is one cornerstone, but labour law also encompasses elements of public law as well as additional aspects of private law. In the Department of Private Law, research in the field of labour law is concentrated in the Labour Law Group.


The responsibility for administering teaching in labour law is currently vested with the Department of Private Law. The teaching language of the course is Norwegian.

Topics for the Masters Thesis


The Labour Law Group is currently operating two major research programmes.

Arfa is a comprehensive ten-year programme spanning a wide range of topics, the object of the programme being to reinforce and further develop labour law at the academic level.

Formula is a four-year project focusing on free movement, labour market regulation and multilevel governance in an EU/EEA context, with the participation of an international group of researchers in labour law and industrial relations.

Moreover, members of the Labour Law Group take part in external research projects in the fields of labour law and industrial relations.

Contact Person

Associate Professor Bernard Johann Mulder

Other persons associated with the subject field
Emeritus professor Stein Evju
Professor Beate Sjåfjell
Postdoctor Fellow Marianne Jenum Hotvedt
Research Fellow Anette Grønnerød-Hemmingby
Research Fellow Marie Nesvik
Research Fellow Alexander Næss Skjønberg
Research Fellow Andreas van den Heuvel

In addition, three to four Masters students are part of the group, primarily serving as research assistants while doing thesis work.

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