Third Party Protection

The purpose of this discipline is to develop and disseminate basic knowledge about the concepts and manifestations (practice) of property and other protected interests in land, including rationales for the relevant rules and criteria for evaluative assessments of property law per se.

About the subject
Property law (real property, land law) regulates issues such as Rights in land, Land as object of rights, Registration of land and rights in land, Public land use regulation and ”constitutional property law”, Nuisance, Servitudes, Adverse possession and prescription etc, Forms of joint ownership, Landlord-tenant relationships, Access to land – ”right to roam”, Common property, Forms of private governance (”ownership”) of natural resources and “propertization” of natural resource management.
The teaching language for the course is Norwegian.
Topics for Masters Thesis  
Land is an essential natural resource. Against this background, the Research Group on Natural Resources Law  was established by Dean decision of 3 May 2005.
The Group is a meeting place for the groups working on property, the environment, and energy issues. The institutional host is the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law (NIFS). The Natural Resources Law Group is chaired by Professor of Environmental Law, Hans Christian Bugge (Department for Public and International Law, IOR).
Contact Person
Associate Professor Endre Stavang
Other Persons Associated with the Subject Field
Professor Kirsti Strøm Bull
Professor Erik Røsæg (NIFS)
Professor Thor Falkanger (NIFS)
Amanuensis Gert-Fredrik Malt
Research Fellow Katrine Broch Hauge
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