Tort Law

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The topic focuses on non-contractual liability. The topic covers most issues, but to a limited extent also deals with pure economic loss. In addition to the development of basic skills and knowledge, the course aims at communicating and cultivating an understanding of the relationship between tort law and other fields of the law (both private and public) as well as training in proper legal reasoning. Instructional methods include lectures, courses/seminars and mock exams followed by written evaluations.


As a basic topic in the field of private law, tort law is taught in the first year of the Master of Laws course of study. The topic is taught interdepartmentally, involving personnel from both the Nordic Institute of Maritime Law and the Department of Public Law. The teaching language is Norwegian.

Topics for the Masters Thesis



Research in tort law within the Department has recently focused on issues involving pure economic loss as well as developments on the international level (e.g. studies on the impact of European law and participation in international study groups). Three PhD projects are currently ongoing, one of which analyses the treatment of pure economic loss (research fellow Bjarte Thorson). The second concerns state liability involving aspects of law and economics (research fellow Gøril Bjerkan) and the third studies of shares liability among tortfeasors (research fellow Birgitte Hagland). The latter project focuses on issues stemming from the distribution of copyright-protected material on the Internet. A study on auditors' liability has recently been published (Professor Erling Hjelmeng).

Research on tort law is currently done in most departments of the faculty. In conjunction with this, an informal group of researchers has been established and is administered by the Department. In addition, personnel from the Department participate in a Nordic network of researchers on tort law. In addition, the Department collaborates with the University of Bergen. Several joint workshops and seminars have been arranged.

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Professor Erling Hjelmeng

Other Persons Associated with the Subject Field

Professor Endre Stavang
Assistant Professor Birgitte Hagland


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