Private Law Consortium Oslo

The Private Law Consortium is a collaboration between scholars at six law schools – Bar Ilan, Harvard, McGill, Trento, University of Pennsylvania and University of Oslo.

"Kjerka", Domus Media Vest

About the seminar

The project has as its primary aim high-quality, regular, consistent, intensive international academic exchanges for the purposes of enriching our thinking about private law. As a secondary goal, the Consortium wishes to fortify the relationship between scholars at six law schools, perhaps leading to other forms of research and pedagogical collaborations.

This project has, as its essence, the creation of a structure that has permitted and will continue to allow faculty and students to flourish. The direct audience of the Consortium is other legal scholars in attendance, as well as local graduate and undergraduate law students who will be invited to attend.

The Consortium meets once yearly in the summer, with the one-year interval serving to consolidate, revise and publish. This is the fourth year of the collaboration. Former meeting were held at Bar Ilan (2013), University of Pennsylvania (2014) and McGill (2015). Trento will host in 2017.

The conferences are in the format of a workshop, where leading scholars in their fields present and discuss cutting edge research papers in progress.


If you would like to attend the seminar, please contact Ørnulf Kristiansen within 8 June.

There will be a conference fee for participating. More information to come.

Venue entrance

Please use the entrance from "Aulakjelleren/kantina" to the seminar room "kjerka". Stair or elevatior up to the 2nd floor.



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