Reform of the French Law of Contract

Presentation by Professor Pascal Ancel, University of Luxembourg. Comments by Professor Kåre Lilleholt, University of Oslo.

This is a lecture in the Department of Private Law's revitalized seminar series.

The seminar is open for all interested and will count as obligatory post-qualifying education (obligatorisk etterutdanning) for lawyers.

"Kjerka", Domus Media Vest

About the seminar

The French law of contract has been thoroughly reformed by an enactment of February 2016, in force as from 1 October 2016. The reform entails comprehensive amendments of the French Code Civil of 1804. Throughout more than two centuries, Code Civil has had a strong influence on legal systems of countries on several continents and a reform of this magnitude is a historic event.

The articles on contract law and the general law of obligations now form a systematic, modern, readable, and still elegant codification which will be a source of knowledge and inspiration to both practitioners and scholars for years ahead. The reform has been explicitly inspired by recent European harmonisation projects of contract Law.

The text of the Code Civil in a version with the contract law reform included can be found here (see Articles 1100--1386-1).

Presentation by Professor Pascal Ancel

The Department of Private Law, University of Oslo, is proud to announce that Professor Pascal Ancel will present important aspects of the reform at this seminar. Pascal Ancel is a well-known French civil law scholar. He is now a law professor at the University of Luxembourg and has earlier held positions at several French universities. Pascal Ancel was one the scholars preparing the reform as a member of the Catala Group.

The presentation will be given in English.


Please register for this seminar within 10 September. (Limited number of seats available.)




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