UNIDROIT Consultation meeting

UNIDROIT - Principles of International Commercial Contracts Issues relating to long term contracts

By invitation only.

Professorboligen.  Photo: Eva Dobos, UiO

About the meeting

The meeting is meant as a consultation meeting to give feedback on the work the UNIDROIT is carrying out regarding the Principles for International Commercial Contracts.

Expert Group

A group of experts was established by the UNIDROIT to recommend amendments and additions so as to make the current text of the Principles more adequate for long term contracts.

More information on this work.

The Working Group had meetings in January 2015 and in October 2015. Based on these meetings, the Group is to produce the final text of amendments and additions, and the final text is to be submitted to the Council during 2016.

Purpose and participants

The purpose of the meeting is to receive as much feedback as possible on how the new text of the Principles is expected to be applied in practice.

To achieve this goal, I am inviting selected practitioners with experience on long term contracts and an interest in legal development.

The meeting will be attended also by the Working Group and the observers who participated in the work.

The text of the proposed amendments and additions will be circulated in advance, and we will prepare cases to contribute to a practice oriented discussion.

Meeting venue

Professor Bonell, Chairman of the Group, and Mr José Angelo Estrella Faria, Secretary General of the UNIDROIT, kindly accepted my offer to organize a consultation meeting on the final text prior to its submission to the Council. The Meeting will find place at the Faculty of Law, Department of Private Law, University of Oslo.

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