The World Courts - On the Construction of a Global Judicial System (completed)

Johann Ruben Leiss’ PhD project explores the systemic nature of international adjudication and aims at making the (partly) invisible structure of international adjudication visible.

About the Project

Recent decades have shown a remarkable multiplication and diversification of international courts and tribunals. This expansion of international adjudication has not followed a coherent masterplan and brought about a number of systemic concerns.

The project explores different approaches of judicial interaction and co-operation between international courts and tribunals to address these systemic concerns. The research focuses on judicial interaction at the interface between the substantive and the institutional dimension of international law. The project, therefore, analyzes the way courts and tribunals make use of judicial decisions of other international judicial bodies when determining the law that is applicable in cases before them. The thesis analyses the relevance of judicial decisions as elements of customary international law, when interpreting international treaties, and when determining general principles. The project also looks at the relevance of judicial decisions as subsidiary means for determining legal Sources.


The project will be concluded in October 2018, with the submission of the PhD thesis.


University of Oslo.

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