Free movement, multilevel governance and labour law - conflicts and impacts (Formula) (completed)

Fully entitled 'Free movement, labour market regulation, and multilevel governance in an enlarged EU/EEA - a Nordic and comparative perspective, FORMULA was one of three Projects (award no. 182747) funded by The Research Council of Norway in the first phase of the Research initiative 'Europe in Transition (EUROPA)', a ten year program (2007-2017) focusing on transition processes in Europe and how these progesses affect Norway.

Formula started up in 2008 and was closed in 2014.


The principal objective and sub-goals of the FORMULA Project was to study, at EU and national levels, key EU regulation pertaining to the internal market and free movement, in particular the Posted Workers Directive and the Services Directive, and interconnecting issues and processes to attain, by way of comparative and interdisciplinary approaches, deepened understanding of how interacting political, legal, socio-institutional and economic logics are influencing the interplay between the different institutions and organised actors shaping supra-national decision-making and national adjustments in the emerging multilayered European polity, with particular regard to the formation, adaptation, and application of legal regimes in the labour market.



This Project has focused on the elaboration of the Posted Workers Directive, the Services Directive, and also the Temporary Agency Work Directive, and interconnecting issues and processes. This includes political decision making processes, the implementation of the directives at national levels, cross-cutting issues of wage setting, enforcement, sanctions, public procurement, temporary agency work, third country nationals, and private international law, as well as analyses of the conundrum of conflicts between EU/EEA Law, international (ILO and Council of Europe) Law, and national Labour Law and industrial relations systems.

The FORMULA project focused primarily on eight countries - Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The project research team included researchers from those countries; in addition, a number of external international researchers contributed at various stages. The FORMULA project was headed by Professor Stein Evju, of the Department of Private Law, University of Oslo, where the project was situated.


The FORMULA Project was funded by the Research Council of Norway.

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Project manager:
Professor Stein Evju