Research Seminar

This research seminar is open only for invited participants and Advisory board members of the SODI project.

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Seminar programme

Thursday, October 13

11.00-11.30: Welcome, introductory remarks, Prof. University of Oslo, Marte Eidsand Kjørven

11.30-12.15: Lunch

The ID Lawyer, Data gathering and empirical research, Prof. Tone Wærstad

12.15-12.25: The ID Lawyer, Petter Omland and Silje Noer Johansen

12.25-12.45: Statistical data on identity theft, Research assistants Amelia Ella Svensson and Ellen Bennin Brataas (app. 20 min)

12.45-12.55: Further plan for the scientific article "Relational Cybercrime and Identity Theft victimization", Research assistant Amelia Ella Svensson

12.55-13.30: Discussion

13.30-13.45: Coffee break

Financial services and eID fraud; legal aspects, Prof. University of Tartu, Karin Sein

13.45-14:25: The interplay between substantive and procedural law in eID-fraud cases between banks and consumers, PhD candidate University of Oslo, Vebjørn Wold (app. 20 min presentation followed by 20 min discussion)

14.25-15.05: Making things right for victims of digital identity theft; Why private law matter, Associate  Prof. University of Tartu, Piia Kalamees and Prof. University of Oslo Marte Eidsand Kjørven (app. 20 min presentation followed by 20 min discussion)

15.05-15.30: Coffee break

15:30-16.15: Guest lecture - Consumer credit, identity theft and the role of human rights, Prof. University of Rutgers, Chrystin Ondersma

16.30: Those who are interested can join for a walk through Oslo city center

18.00: Dinner Restaurant Eik, Universitetsgt. 11

Friday, October 14

Security in eID systems; technical and legal aspects, Prof. Kristian Gjøsteen

09.00-09.40: Cryptographic protocols involving humans, PhD candidate NTNU, Ole Martin Edstrøm (app. 20 min presentation followed by 20 min discussion)

09.40-10.20: Safe and trustworthy systems for electronic identification? An assessment of the regulation of the Norwegian system for digital identities applying the perspectives of risk governance, legitimacy and policy coherence, Postdoctoral researcher University of Oslo, Trude Myklebust (app. 20 min presentation followed by 20 min discussion)

10.20-10.30: Coffee break

10.30-11.00: WebAuthn and consequences for users, Prof. NTNU, Kristian Gjøsteen (app. 15 min presentation followed by 15 min discussion)

11.00-11.30: Security in payment systems; Due diligence obligations to identity the customer in PSD2 and AML when implementing digital ID-systems, Research assistant University of Oslo, Ellen Bennin Brataas (app 15 min presentation followed by 15 min discussion)

11.30 -12.00: The way forward. Round table discussions

12.00 -13.00: Lunch



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