News from the Sustainable Companies Project

News - March 2014

Videos from the conference The Purpose of the Corporation, organised by Frank Bold and Cardiff Business School in Brussels last month, are now on YouTube!
See all the videos from the conference  or go directly to the session including Beate Sjåfjell’s presentation Sustainable Companies: A Contribution to the Jigsaw Puzzle of Sustainability (at 37:50).

News - February 2014

By invitation from the Sustainable Economy Project, Beate Sjåfjell has written a blog post about the outcome of the Sustainable Companies Project. Read the post Shareholder Primacy: the Main Barrier to Sustainable Companies – and we welcome all comments and questions!

Beate Sjåfjell contributed at the Norwegian conference Lerchendal-konferansen in February, where she presented the results of the Sustainable Companies Project for high-level policy makers and decision-makers in business and civil society. Her presentation (in Norwegian) is available here: Gi de gode selskapene konkurransefordelen. En ny rettslig infrastruktur for bærekraftige selskaper (Give the good companies the competitive advantage. A new legal infrastructure for sustainable companies).

News - January 2014

Shareholder Primacy as the Main Barrier to Sustainable Companies

Professor Beate Sjåfjell has here together with other team members summarised the main result of the comparative company law research of the Sustainable Companies Project in 2.5 pages. Dissemination is encouraged. For any questions or comments, please contact Beate Sjåfjell.

News - December 2013

Final Conference for the Sustainable Companies Project


News - September 2013

News - August 2013

Professors Charlotte Villiers and Jukka Mähönen, members of the Sustainable CompaniesProject, have written a response note to the EU Commission's proposal on non-financial reporting. The note builds on the analysis Professors Villiers and Mähönen have undertaken of the cross-jurisdictional research conducted by the Sustainable Companies team. The note may be freely downloaded, circulated and quoted, with reference to this website and the Sustainable Companies Project. Any comments or questions may be sent to the head of the project, Professor Beate Sjåfjell.

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