Intellectual Property and Sustainable Markets

Edited by Ole-Andreas Rognstad and Inger Berg Ørstavik

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Discussing how intellectual property (IP) rights play a role in tackling the challenge of securing sustainable development, renowned scholars consider how the core objective of IP rights to promote innovation and development of new knowledge aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This timely and thought-provoking book provides an in-depth analysis of the multi-faceted interface between this core objective and the SDGs and argues for sustainable markets as an overreaching and contextual approach to the role of IP rights in tackling the challenges of the UN SDGs.

Edward Elgar Publishing, 2021

ISBN: 978 1 78990 134 4

Published Sep. 1, 2021 11:37 AM - Last modified Sep. 1, 2021 11:37 AM